One thought on “Krauthammer Slams Obama: Anybody Over the Age of 9 Knows Radical

  1. If this is the best argument conservatives can come up with then perhaps we are headed for a one-party system because his reference to the age of 9 more closely equates to the age of anyone who would buy into this nonsense. Two bozos make a pressure cooker bomb that can only kill three people (with thousands available) and it’s Jihad. To begin with, Jihad presumes one thing we can all understand…agreement. So this guy and O’Reilly with his bullshit smile, assume every Muslim agrees with every other Muslim “(not unlike Christians, right?) and the holy war is on our doorstep. It reflects O’Reilly’s Culture Warrior perfectly: that there is conflict between idiots and those with a brain. This Krauthammer needs to write columns for 9-year-olds…not worthy of a real argument.

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